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Peace Officer and Dispatch Background Investigations

The peace officer background investigation is a very time and labor-intensive process, requiring the collection of a variety of official documents, contacts with relatives, friends, employers and many others, and review of almost every aspect of the candidate’s personal history.

The background investigation includes but is not limited to the following reviews:

Criminal record, credit history, military record, current, and previous employment history and references.

DFI investigators are former peace officers and POST certified background detectives who are experienced conducting Police, Fire and Dispatch background investigations.


Corporate Employment Backgrounds

Is this job candidate everything he/she says he is? Think back to when you hired that dream employee only to find out later, they had a disturbing history. You need valuable information so you can make confident hiring decisions!

Pre-Employment –  New Employees,

New Executive – Future Business Partners


Pre-Nuptial Backgrounds, Boyfriend/Girlfriend or Online Relationship Checks

Clients come to us with questions about the person they are having relations and want to know about their background.

DFI can uncover critical personal history that often the partner is unaware or innocently unsuspecting.  Trust issues are the forefront of any stabilized relationship, and essential background information is vital.  DFI will determine if the partner is married/divorced, are they known to use drugs, do they have a criminal history, are they a registered sex offender, are they financially stable or are they a deadbeat spouse.  Let us help you find the answers before it’s too late. 

Direct Focus Investigations specializes in getting background information on individuals and for corporations. Our background checks are unique because we offer our clients the opportunity to tailor the background check to fit their needs.

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